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  1. Yes, on the island.
  2. Yes, off the island.
  3. No, that will encourage more traffic.
  1. Yes
  2. No.
  3. It’s a waste of time because he won’t be convicted by the Senate.
  4. Undecided.
  1. Going quicker than planned.
  2. Taking longer than it should.
  3. A pain in the neck.
  4. Worth the wait.
  1. Staying home.
  2. Visiting family.
  3. Vacationing.
  1. Every nightly newscast.
  2. Daily in newsprint or online.
  3. I watch more than an hour of television coverage each day.
  4. Once in a while.
  5. Never.
  1. Cold with mustard sauce.
  2. Hot with butter.
  3. Cold with butter.
  4. Plain.
  5. I don’t eat them.
  6. Other.
  1. Yes, we’ve been there too long and are losing too may service members.
  2. Yes, there and elsewhere -- we need to stop serving as the world’s police force.
  3. No, we’re there to try to help keep the peace and eliminate terrorism and terrorists.
  4. No, Syria cannot protect itself.
  5. I have no opinion.
  6. Other.
  1. I already have.
  2. Yes, I always contribute to relief efforts of this type.
  3. Probably.
  4. I would if I could.
  5. No.
  1. Address gun laws/gun access.
  2. Address mental health care.
  3. Address video games/Internet.
  4. Other.
  1. Yes, all of it.
  2. Yes, some of it.
  3. No, not at all.
  4. Other.
  1. Yes, Florida lawns need “weed and feed” to stay healthy and I like a nice yard.
  2. Yes, but not in the rainy season.
  3. Sometimes, if the lawn or landscaping needs a boost.
  4. I leave that decision to my lawn care professionals.
  5. Only natural or organic “fertilizers,” like compost or bone meal.
  6. No.
  1. Yes, recent measles outbreak show why.
  2. Maybe some of them, but not the entire battery.
  3. No.


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