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At the Library: Look to the library for books and activities

September 12, 2018
By Dr. Leroy Hommerding , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

The week's events:

- Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 10:30 a.m.. Preschool Story Hour in Children's area.

- Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. Gems and Their Stories

- Monday, Sept, 17, 1:30 p.m. Hummels in 2018. Pre-register.

- Tuesday, Sept. 18, 10:30 a.m. Book Discussion

Artist of the Month

On exhibit are the photographs of Geoff Coe who moved to Lee County in 2004 and, like many newcomers, was fascinated by the variety of birds and other wildlife he saw. He began taking his camera on paddling trips along Florida beaches and wildlife habitats. In 2008, he founded Wild Images Florida and left his career as a technical communicator to photograph birds full-time. Trained as a scientist at Dickinson College and The John Hopkins University, he creates images that emphasize birds' behavior and their relationship to their surroundings. "My favorite images are ones that show the bird in beautiful light and tell a great story."

More details of the exhibition and Awards he has received are on in a poster near the voting box on the third floor.


The collection of biographies may be found on the second floor with over 1700 titles available for current check-out. As you arrive on the second floor you will see two large American flag art tapestries and the Florida book cases. The Biographies are behind the Florida cases and to the right of the flags.

M. William Phelps

Author M. William Phelps is a history and true crime writer. A driving force that inspired Phelps's fact-based creativity is his personal experience of the double murder of a pregnant family member. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who is a crime scene expert driven by the desire to help victims of crime. The Library collection of M. Williams Phelps books are in TRUE CRIME.

Phelps is considered to be an expert on the subject of serial killers and host of Investigation Discovery series Dark Minds. He has appeared on TV more than 100 times and is a frequent guest of radio shows. He consulted on the first season of the Showtime original series, Dexter.

Beachcomber's Books

There are summer specials available in the bookstore. Let yourself have one in browsing. A large selection of Scholastic books for children have arrived, waiting to be discovered. Note also the special Fort Myers Beach greeting cards added.


To keep the Library physically and biologically clean and neat in appearance involves using methods and supplies that do not promote decay or damage to library materials and equipment and people. The little things you do such as only carrying water in an enclosed bottle, and eating/munching only in the Library Commons on the third floor, or picking up little debris you see on the stairs or floor, helps a lot.

Should you have an hour or two in your schedule during September or October, consider volunteering to have a shift (1 or 2 hours) to dust.. We can use your skills and goodness to help keep the Library safe and clean.

Healthy for Your Brain

The mind has two separate hemispheres or lobes called right and left-brain with each one dealing in different functions. Right brain works with emotion and performs tasks holistically while the left-brain functions in linear fashion. When you use both sides of the brain, your mind power is harnessed to its best and gets better.

Jigsaw puzzles help exercise both parts of your brain. While working on jigsaw puzzles, it has been studied that there exists continuous activity throughout the brain, involving all the cells and parts of the brain. This intense activity works to exercise the brain cells and thereby activate them and increase their efficiency and capacity. Several studies have found that people who have been used to doing jigsaw puzzles as well as crosswords and were fully active, were more likely to have a longer life span and lessen chances of falling prey to Alzheimer's, memory loss, dementia and other old age challenges.

We generally have two or three puzzles on the puzzle tables on the second floor. Have fun. Be healthy.

September--Library Cards

September is National Library Card Sign-up month. Andrew Carnegie, a self-taught, lifelong learner notes, "The library outranks anything a community can do to benefit its people." The care of Carnegie's philanthropy lives on today; he left an astonishing legacy, 1,689 libraries in the United States alone! The Beach Library card is a free service for full-time residents. Visitors and shorter-term stayers can sign up for a library card for $10, enabling access to library materials and services.


Enjoy the presentation on natural gems on Sept 12. See also the gems on display on the second floor relating to these treasures.

Patriotic display

View the display on the second floor highlighting factors and documents relating to our nation's founding and growth. This display is courtesy of the Estero Island Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution.

Care of DVDs and Audios

When you check-out and enjoy one or more of these, please handle discs by the outer edge or the center hole. Keep the discs clean and dust free and return discs to their cases immediately after use. The care enables us all to use these without missing something because of misuse.

Library Hours

When we are closed, the hours of operation are included in a recording when you call in. Stop by Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and on Saturday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. We look forward to seeing you.



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