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Less opinion, more facts needed

September 12, 2018
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

As I read last week's paper, the headline about residents who are angry over the legal delays for Margaritaville (TPI) appeared to be more appropriate on an editorial page opinion article. Did the editor seek out any opposing opinions from those 200 people who wrote or spoke against the TPI proposal during the LPA or Council hearings? Aren't newspapers supposed to do stories that deal with facts, and save the personal views for editorials?

If you wish to make things right and give equal time and space to the truth about the TPI project, would you be willing to print the accusations contained in the Court documents so the public would better understand what Council is alleged to have done unlawfully?

Why do you not interview Town Council members about why they have allowed that area of town to become so visually blighted over the past years? Why is Lee County continuing to use the vacant lot for storage of road materials, when they also have a south side storage area which is getting closer to the Estero street repair project as it moves south? Would you ask the Town why they have not patched the huge hole and several cracks in the pavement on Fifth Street between Crescent Street and the bridge? If the Town truly cares about the health, safety and welfare of its people and visitors, why have they failed to provide any sidewalk at all along the south or east side of Crescent Street?

This type of productive journalism just might help make life better for everyone, instead of using your paper to promote enmity and hard feelings.

Leon Moyer

Fort Myers Beach



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