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New Fort Myers Beach Park and Ride opens at Summerlin Square

January 3, 2018
Jessica Salmond - News Editor ( , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Beach tourists and even local Lee County beachgoers have a new place to catch an easy ride to Fort Myers Beach.

Last week, LeeTran opened its new Beach Park and Ride at 11101 Summerlin Square Drive in December.

"That was pretty exciting, opening that up," said Larry Kiker, Lee County Commissioner. "It took us 10 years to get that done."

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Beach-going passengers load up on the park-and-ride trolley.

The new facility provides 129 all-day parking spaces, wifi, charging stations and public restrooms for its bus hoppers. An electronic interactive map allows passengers to check routes.

The biggest perk of the facility is the routes that converge here.

Bus 50 is a direct route from the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), and stops here to transfer passengers grabbing the trolley to the beach. Bus 130 connects the park-and-ride to the South Fort Myers loop.

Fact Box

Islander input:

Jeff Kasper, dare driver


Not waiting for the trolley when ready to go homeowners

Put beach gear in my car while I shop or eat out after a beach day


Driving in circles to find parking

Paying for parking

Driving in stop-and-go traffic

Danielle Neureuther, trolley trier




Enjoy the view over the bridge


Trolley being late

The wait to board the trolley

Bus 400 services the beach from April through the first week of January; From January to April, the bus numbers are 410 and 490. Bus 490 takes passengers to Bowditch Point to transfer to 410, which runs from Bowditch to Lovers Key.

"This is for people who don't want to fight traffic or try to find parking," said Katie Meckley, spokeswoman for LeeTran.

All-day parking is free at the facility for passengers. It's 75 cents per person for a one-way trip, $2 for an all-day pass, and $4 for a three-day pass. The trolleys have space for luggage, beach bags, coolers and chairs, Meckley said.

Fares must be paid in exact change on the bus, or purchased at a number of other locations, including Publix. Meckley said there's no ticket counter at the new facility now, but the infrastructure is in place to put one there if demand would support it.

The trolley is supposed to arrive at Summerlin Square approximately every 45 minutes, and a ride from the facility to the Times Square stop is approximately 20 minutes (although you can get off earlier on the stop next to 7-11, just north of Times Square). Season traffic can delay those arrival times.

"You're still sitting in traffic, but you don't have to worry about it," Meckley said.

The project, on the 5.5 acre property, cost approximately $5.2 million. Florida Department of Transportation gave the county a grant $2.4 million.

Danielle Neureuther and Jeff Kasper, island residents who manage an AirBnb property, said they'd probably start recommending the trolley to their guests. Many of them don't really want to rent a car - an unnecessary expense on the very walk-able or bike-able north end of the island - and with the airport route transferring directly to the beach route, guests could have an easy, and cheap, alternative.

"It's super easy, it's air conditioned," she said. "You can't get irritated, with a smart phone your kids can watch a show while you're in traffic."

Terry Kipikas and her husband moved to Fort Myers five weeks ago. On Thursday, they thought they'd try out the new Park and Ride and go to the beach for an early dinner.

"It was very convenient, and scenic," she said. "When you see all that traffic - this was the best way."

Car or trolley: which passenger makes it to Times Square first?

Islanders Danielle Neureuther and Jeff Kasper participated in an Observer experiment to see which mode of transportation could get someone from Summerlin Square to Times Square the quickest, easiest and for the least amount of money during a heavy day of beachgoing traffic.

Here's how it went on Thursday, Dec. 28:

2:21 p.m. Neureuther and Kasper arrive at facility (just missed the 2:20 trolley).

3:05 p.m. (on time) Trolley and Kasper depart for beach

3:22 p.m.: Trolley catches up to Kasper in stop-and-go traffic

3:28 p.m.: Kasper passes trolley

3:33 p.m.: Trolley bypasses Kasper by taking the trolley-only lane

3:37 p.m.: Neureuther disembarks trolley at Lynn Hall Park stop.

3:39 p.m.: Neureuther stands below the Times Square clock. Winner!

3:45 p.m.: Kasper finds a parking spot.


It cost 75 cents ($1.50 for a round trip ride) and approximately 32 minutes for Neureuther to reach the clock at Times Square.

It cost Kasper $3 per hour for parking and 40 minutes to reach Times Square - and it could have been longer, he said, if he hadn't been lucky in finding a parking space early on.



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