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Local boot camp trainer gives the skinny on post-summer weight loss

August 22, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

(Fort Myers, August 22, 2012) - As summer turns into fall, there is no better time than present to start shedding those extra pounds from the beer, greasy brats, mayo-laden potato salad, fatty ice cream, and all the other high-calorie summer food splurges.

"Many people plan to be active during the summer but end up not exercising at all," says Sue Meredith, owner of Fort Myers/Cape Coral Boot Camp. "Consequently, the pounds from all the cookouts keep piling on and, by the time September rolls in, these folks need to seriously get back into, or start, a good fitness routine that not only speeds up the metabolism but also offers multiple health benefits."

However, many people, especially those who have not exercised before, may not know what kind of fitness program will whip them into great shape, burn those pesky calories, and motivate them to keep working out.

"Once boredom sets in, people lose their motivation to exercise," Meredith observes. "That can happen if your workout routine is monotonous or doesn't yield the desired results."

The key to a successful workout, she says, is to make exercise not only results-oriented, but also interesting and enjoyable, so that people will keep coming back for more.

That's where fitness boot camps kick in - no pun intended.

"We are in a group setting, where people encourage and cheer each other on, so you don't feel like you are in it alone," Meredith says. "There is a pleasant social aspect to it, which makes this type of interactive exercise more interesting. And, if you are serious about losing weight and getting in shape, you must stay motivated and focused. "

Even more importantly, boot camps are very effective in terms of overall health benefits. By incorporating strength, agility, balance, flexibility and interval training into each session, "the workouts exercise your heart, your muscles, your whole body," Meredith says. "That is what we are trying to achieve in each session."

An additional perk for all those trying to lose weight: "Boot camp workouts can burn off up to 600 calories during a single hour-long exercise session, so if you keep at it, you will see those extra pounds melt right before your eyes," Meredith adds.

In fact, boot camps are so efficient in burning calories and improving muscular fitness that the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the country's leading authority on fitness, rates boot camps among the top 10 fitness trends for 2012.

As one of the leading boot camp trainers in the area, Meredith sees first-hand the effectiveness of this kind of comprehensive training program and believes its popularity will continue to gain momentum in the future.

"Everyone who participates regularly in our boot camps can see amazing - and sometimes spectacular - results," Meredith says. "It is the ultimate workout program, regardless of your age, shape, or level of fitness."



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